Welcome to
Goofy WifHat Coin!

Hey there, you Goofy enthusiasts!

Welcome to the wackiest crypto journey ever. GoofyWifHat Coin is here to bring some laughs and silly gains into your life.

Strap on your hats and let's get goofy!

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$GOOFYWIF is not your average meme coin. We're all about fun, laughter, and of course, hats! Inspired by the legendary Disney character Goofy, we're here to shake up the crypto world with a touch of whimsy.

GoofyWifHat is a community-driven project that's as unpredictable as a Goofy dance move. Whether you're a seasoned crypto investor or just starting out, we welcome you to our goofy family.

So grab your hat, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride with $GOOFYWIF!

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How To Buy
Ready to
Get Goofy?


Grab Your Goofy Hat

First things first, put on your favorite Goofy hat!

The goofier, the better.


Get Some Solana

You'll need Solana tokens to trade for $GOOFYWIF.

Don't worry. it's as easy as pie.


Swap, Swap, Swap

Head over to your Raydium DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and swap your Solana for some $GOOFYWIF.


Hold onto Your Hat

Sit back, relax, and watch your $GOOFYWIF stash grow!

Remember, it's all in good fun

The Scoop on $GOOFYWIF

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $GOOFYWIF
  • 100% Burned Liquidity (No funny business here)
  • Minting Authority Revoked (We're not making any more!)
  • Freeze Authority Revoked (No freezing our fun)
  • No Taxes (Serious stuff? Not here!)


Our Goofy Adventure Ahead


Phase 1

Goofy Launch

  • Website Launch
  • Community Building
  • Smart Contract Audit
    (No funny business here)

Phase 2

Goofy Expansion

  • Listings on Major DEX’s
  • Influencer Partnerships
    (Getting Goofy everywhere)

Phase 3

Goofy Domination

  • Listing on Tier 1 CEX’s
  • Goofy Charity Initiatives
  • World Goofiness Day Celebration
    (Get your hats ready!)

So there you have it, folks! $GOOFYWIF – where the laughs are plenty, the gains are goofy, and the hats are always on point.

Join us in this wacky adventure, and
let's get Goofy together!

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